Vasa Order Of America, Harmoni Lodge # 472

  • Events for the younger youth

    Several events have been planed for

    younger people- fishing trips,

    Christmas celebration

  • Vasa-Rosebuds Youth Group

     of Harmoni  and Noble Lodge

    This is our young dance group

    Who preform Swedish Folk Dance for Scandinavian

    Cultural Events through out the year

    Please call Christine Smith 971-645-0405 or

    Judy Rust 503-255-4384 or  VasaRoseBuds@Gmail.com

  • Please Join our activities

    We wish to extend a warm welcome to those

    interested in there Scandinavian affiliation.

    Please join  us in our upcoming events.

Harmoni Meeting Hollywood Senior

Center   November 19th

Annual Banquet

Please call Abbe for reservations  503-3350929


3:30 to 4Pm---Officer's Meeting

4:00 to 5:30 Pm General Meeting



 We will meet the 3 Sunday each Month

Meeting time will be 4:00 PM

Hollywood Senior Center

PO Box 13282

Portland Or 97231-0282